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About Us

Samira and Jasmin immigrated to the United States in the late 1990’s as a result of the war in ex-Yugoslavia. With a young boy in tow, they set out to make a better life for themselves and their family. They both work diligently to create a new future and even put their son through medical school.

After working hard for years business has taken them back to Europe where they spent couple years in Vienna. Excited to be back they wanted to bring pieces of their native Europe back home to America.

So they came up with Daily News Café & Restaurant. A place where you can visit and enjoy a menu with great food from Italy, Germany, Greece and of course their long lost home, ex-Yugoslavia. Food is prepared in traditional style of each country and is based on home recipes.

But for them, Daily News wasn’t just about the food. They also wanted to create a place with an inviting atmosphere, light jazzy music, conducive to conversations, laughter, and fun times. A place where you can come just for coffee and cake to catch up with your friends, or eat a beautiful fresh prepared meal, while you are getting your daily news and gossip! ​

But requests from their patrons kept coming in asking them how to make this delicious food at home! So they expanded even further opening a Fine European Grocery Store.

Daily News House Market (Balkan Food Boxes) store offers upscale and unique shopping experience featuring many food selections, freshest breads, and top notch customer service and all at one place.

From a big dream to our reality we invite you to come visit us and share become a part of our legacy.